Pu'er Chi Zhi Bing (2002)

Sold in 50g increments. Raw Pu'er From Hua Yuan farm, 2002.

This Pu'er will surprise you. It packs a fabulous flavor, at an incredible value. 

Pu'er is full-bodied, wonderfully earthy, peaty and rich. This Pu'er, if stored properly, will age into an exceptional tea. Pu'er can be stored indefinitely wrapped in paper or bamboo to allow for adequate ventilation and away from strong odors and heat. 

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Jade Buddha Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)

Sold in 50g increments. From the famous mountains of Wuyi in Fujian Province comes over 600 varieties of oolong, but only the tea picked from bushes grown in the Wuyi National Scenic Area can be called Zheng Yan Cha (Authentic Rock Tea). Of the many kinds of Big Red Robe grown in this small area (70 sq km), the Jade Buddha is the best.

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