Pu'er Chi Zhi Bing (2002)

Sold in 50g increments. Raw Pu'er From Hua Yuan farm, 2002.

This Pu'er will surprise you. It packs a fabulous flavor, at an incredible value. 

Pu'er is full-bodied, wonderfully earthy, peaty and rich. This Pu'er, if stored properly, will age into an exceptional tea. Pu'er can be stored indefinitely wrapped in paper or bamboo to allow for adequate ventilation and away from strong odors and heat. 

Brewing tips: because of the aging process, Pu'er picks up particles which can clog the pores of a Yixing teapot so we suggest to brew Pu'er in a gaiwan, using a dedicated Yixing teapot to serve. This allows the flavors and richness of a seasoned teapot to enhance the tea without harming the pot. If the Pu'er is compressed into a shape, gently crumble the tea into small pea sized clumps. Preheat gaiwan, cups and teapot with near boiling water. Use slightly cooler water for aged Pu'ers (90°C - 95°C, 194-203°F). Fill the gaiwan 1/4 full with tea and add water so the tea is evenly saturated. Using the lid to prevent the tea from escaping, Immediately pour out this wash. Add more water and infuse for 20 seconds with the lid on, depending on taste. Pour tea into preheated teapot and serve. Infusion can be repeated six or more times, increasing the infusion time as necessary.

What's the deal with Pu'er?


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