Da Hong Pao pressed pieces (Big Red Robe)

This is the most viscous Big Red Robe I have ever had! Viscous and not vicious. So flavorful and thick.

These pressed pieces of tea are made from Authentic Big Red Robe tea leaves that were broken or crushed during processing. Don't count the broken pieces out! This tea is grown in the Wuyi National Scenic Area and has all the flavor of an authentic Wuyi tea with the ease of a pressed brick. Each box contains 18 pieces (each one is 8.5 g) and even half a brick can be brewed several times.

Big Red Robe can be stored for 1-2 years in a dry, air- and light-tight container. Brewing tips: oolongs can be brewed in a gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot. Preheat vessel and cups with near boiling water (85-95°C or 185-200°F). Break off a piece of tea (splitting it like a wafer is easier than snapping it in two) or use the entire square, add water, and pour out this wash. Add more water, cover and infuse for a 10 - 15 seconds, depending on taste. Pour tea into preheated cups and serve. Infusion can be repeated many times, increasing the infusion time as necessary.

Sold by the box (160 g, 18 pieces of joy)

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