Seven Sons (7543) from Menghai Factory Raw Pu'er from 1987

Sold in 25g increments only. Seven Sons Pu'er (7543) from Menghai factory.

Want to taste a really old Pu'er? This tea has been dry stored since 2003 in my hands. It has a slight rice soup taste, red dates, with a ridiculously sweet aftertaste. It's smooth and silky like a fleece sleeping bag. It's not incredibly viscous, but everything else makes up for it. Limited quantities, as expected.

Brewing tips: Rinse 5 grams tea for a few seconds with water (100°C / 212°F), and discard the rinse, then add more water to brew, and after 5 to 10 seconds pour the tea into a separate cup to drink. By pouring off the tea you can reuse the leaves for subsequent rounds, by adding more water and gradually increasing the steeping time.

What's the deal with Pu'er?

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